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What Party Rental should I order if my event is 7th floor?

Having a roof top party in Austin is one of the coolest things to attend. First of all, and most important information you should gather is number of guests and what mood would be for people mingle around formal seating, picnic type setting and so on.

Once you have this information is a lot easier to know quantities of party rental requested. Another important fact is to check if the building has a cargo elevator or just the regular one and if there is a key, batch needed to use it in order to access the location.

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After this you can call us and reserve your party rental items please let us know that your event is with in elevator access which would prevent you having and extra fee after we deliver the items. Another option is for you to pick up the items from our close locations in Round Rock and North Austin.

The secret is to know what is easy to carry up the elevator, the key is, the smaller the item the better. For example, you have any type of folding chair rentals, tables the smaller ones from 30” cocktail table, 48” round table and 6ft rectangular tables are also easy to manage.

The items that are difficult to carry up even on elevator settings banquet chairs and chivary chair rental, anything that does not fold, 60” round table rental as well for the 72” round table, another headache to have to drag upstairs is the 8 ft. table or any picnic benches, the bulkier the harder to drag up in the elevator. Keep it small keep it simply.

Contact your event consultant for help with rental party chairs and tables

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