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What quantities should I reserve for my Weddings Rentals?

This is one of the most common questions that brides ask us. And to be honest that is a very difficult question. It all depends on how many invites were sent, how many out of town guest, is it an outdoor venue, how the weather will be. So it’s really hard to plan who will exactly come to your event.

For weddings rentals they are many items to take in place, tables and chairs for seating which directly resonates with linens, runners, overlays, dishware and glassware. Then we have more complex items like tent sizes and dance floor which ones you pick the size it more difficult to change it. The main idea is to make your big day more easy and enjoyable for all of your guest but that also looks amazing on pictures and your Facebook, Instagram or snapchat post

Check your RSVP

There is no exact answer to this questions but we can definitely tell you what normally happens at the Day of the event. A good rule of thumb for party rentals reservation is at least reserve 80% of the total invites send. So if you send 60 invites try to reserve 48, if 100 do 80 or 150 do 120.

At Texas Party Rental you can change the quantities all you want over and over up to 2 weeks before the event they can only increase. At this point in time your RSVP returned if not all almost all of them which can give you a better idea what is a good party rental quantity. At this time is good to reserve 10% more that the guest confirmed to assist.

This way in case you get some extra guest that did not responded to RSVP you can count on a place setting for them. If you have further questions on this matter please contact your Event Specialist and we will be happy to help and secure yall weddings rentals.

Contact your event consultant for wedding rentals

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    Your TOOLS & PARTY TIPS section was very helpful.

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      Thank you so much we try to improve the site for you

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