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When should I book my wedding services?

“The most frequent question I get asked by the couple’ is the additional services: How far in advance they should be booked?” says Tonie Digiulio Event Planner of The Texas Hall.

There is a saying at the industry “the sooner you book the better”. While there will be some unpredictable circumstances such as vendors and venues that book up years in advance, this is a good timeline that works for most of them:

Venue: The first thing you want to book is the venue near the beginning of your planning, at least 12 months before the wedding date once you have the date you can start booking everything else.

wedding chair rentals austin

Photography/Videography: This depends on the popularity of your wedding date, but most photographers and videographers recommend hiring them at least 12 months before the date or even 18 months if possible.

wedding chair rentals austin

Wedding Planner: This depends on the demand of the planner that you want to hire, but generally wait until 6-8 months before. Either way he/she won’t be working a lot with you until about one month before the wedding, but she should still be available to answer questions leading up to that time.

wedding chair rentals austin

Stylist: We recommend booking your hair and makeup artist 6-9 months before. It’s a good idea to book a trial run of your hair and makeup beforehand to ensure you all are on the same page details.

wedding chair rentals austin

Officiant: Begin the screening about 6-9 months before the wedding and try to work out a meeting if possible to discuss the ceremony style and vows.

wedding chair rentals austin

Catering and Cake Maker: Most venues will offer food packages. Some venues will have your cake built into. If not, you’ll want to hire your cake baker about 6-9 months before schedule a tasting to try also the wedding chair rentals austin.

wedding chair rentals austin

Rentals: Whatever the venue does not give you you can rent it. This could be wedding chair rentals Austin, Tables, linens, dishware, glassware and many more.

wedding chair rentals austin

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