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World Party Day on April 3rd with table rentals and chairs

April 3 is a World Party day. Also known as P Day, it is an annually celebrated unofficial holiday that aims to achieve social change and harmony by encouraging people to celebrate life by partying. The idea behind the holiday is that the opposite of war and suffering should not be passively observe peace. Instead, people must actively participate in the celebration of life you may need table rentals and chairs.

The holiday is inspired by the ending of the 1995 novel, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, by Vanna Bonta, where a countdown is set to April 3, 2000 when a worldwide synchronized celebration occurs. The first Party Day was held around the world in 1996.

Organize a block party. Peace begins at home and by being neighborly. Spend time with your neighbors and celebrate your neighborhood. Look for cheap rental chairs and tables for your entire guest.  rent a table just for children and don’t forget to rent banquet tables for food.

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  1. Kamila 2 years ago

    Any reason is a good reason to be happy and celebrate the good and free things in life !

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